Central distribution of the load carriers

Our express lift is the connection between order picking, lorries and our LOGISPEED shelf systems. The lift allows you to save time moving load plates through three-dimensions. A central controller sends the lift from the order picking to the loading bay, where it can load or unload as required.

The express lift can also be connected to LOGISPEED express shelves, increasing capacity and flexibility.

Indoors & outdoors

The LOGISPEED express lift is made from rust-proofed steel and can be used both inside and outside. Waterproof sides are available to protect sensitive goods from rain.

LOGISPEED Express lift at Bünting

J. Bünting is a food and supermarket group in north-west Germany with more than 10,000 employees. The company uses express lifts configured for standard trailers with a load area measuring 2.4 m x 13.6 m.

LOGISPEED Express lift at Edeka

Edeka is Germany’s largest supermarket group. The company’s lorries pull two 2.4 m x 7.5 m trailers, which are loaded quickly and smoothly using LOGISPEED systems.

LOGISPEED Express lift at a food discounter

The outdoor express lift can move up to 25 tonnes. A refrigerated version is available to ensure the cooling chain is not broken.

“The LOGISPEED express lift reduces the amount of time our customers’ lorries spend being loaded and unloaded by 80%.”
Arend Brückmann, Head of Construction, CLSi