Automatic pallet loading
without truck conversions

A new exciting development from CLSi.
Automatic truck loading without truck modifications.
Loading and unloading in one go is now possible.

The LOGISPEED skate system is a loading system specially designed for euro pallets, which is particularly suitable for one-way transport. Large quantities of palletized goods are loaded fully automatically into the truck by means of sophisticated transport forks. The skate system has the advantage that no truck conversions are required. Optimal for high cargo handling in outbound transport.

The stationary system is set up in front of the loading gate. A parallel rail track can enable the operation of several ramps. Once the pallets are formatted and staged into a compact set, the complete load is automatically loaded. Laser scanners detect the truck and align the skate system both horizontally and vertically. The transport forks move the load safely into the truck.

With the Logispeed skate system, loading 33 Euro pallets becomes a process that is completed in 6 minutes.

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Logispeed skate system

Lift system with skate system from Logispeed